Vision Interdental Brushes

The Vision Interdental Perio Brushes. Designed to Achieve Effective Cleaning. Curved Brush Head to clean deep into the interdental space. Coloured Filaments to promote use by showing plaque and debris removed. Choice of size to achieve a close fit and optimum clean.

Cleaning between teeth is important for everybody with teeth!

Neglecting to clean between between your teeth leaves plaque-bacteria behind. The bacteria produce plaque-acid and toxins responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

Interdental brushes are the “Gold Standard” for cleaning between teeth. Normal/manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and even air/water picks simply do not clean between teeth as well as interdental brushes.

Vision - For results you can see

Many people find that the “normal” Tepe style of interdental brushes bend when they try to use them. We often recommend trying Vision interdental brushes which have a thicker stronger wire which is pre-curved to help you.

Vision interdental brushes do not have a handle, and so look awkward to use, but most patients find them easier to use than the Tepe style. Instead of holding a handle, you should grip the bristled part of the brush and feed the bristles through the space between your teeth, then use the wire to gently guide it back out.

Size 1 (Petrol Blue) 12mm; Size 2 (Orange) 10mm; Size 3 (Violet) 8mm; Size 4 (Green) 5mm; Size 5 (Sky Blue) 3mm; Size 6 (Coral) 2.5mm;

Which size do I need?

Its likely that you will need several different size brushes so we recommend you buy a trial pack to begin with. The trial pack has one brush of each size, so you can try them to see where they fit. The largest brush that fits in a particular space is the correct brush to use for that space. Once you know which brushes fit, then you can order more of the correct sizes.

Where to buy Vision Interdental Brushes

Vision interdental brushes can be ordered online from Amazon or the Vision online shop, or over the phone on 0845 634 5000.

You can read more and watch a video demonstration of how to use Vision interdental brushes by visiting Tips for managing gum disease at home.