Dental Treatments & Prices

We believe your teeth are precious and aim to offer affordable dental care to enable you maintain and/or enhance your smile.

A full range of dental treatments is available. We strive to keep our fees affordable while offering high quality dentistry.

We comply with national NHS Dental Charges for treatment provided under the NHS for our NHS patients.

All treatments will be tailored to your individual needs, so prices may vary from those below.

Treatment ItemPrivate PriceNHS Band
Professional cleaning£30-£601
Periodontal treatmentfrom £602
Metal fillings£50-£1002
Tooth coloured fillings for front teeth£95-£1402
Cosmetic tooth coloured fillings for back teeth£105-£140 
Metal (silver coloured) crowns£300-£4003
Gold crowns£550-£650
Tooth coloured crowns£350-£450 3
Cosmetic tooth coloured all-ceramic crowns£450-£550 
Bridgesfrom £3503
Root canal treatmentfrom £3002
Denturesfrom £3503
Tooth whitening£325 
Dental implantsfrom £1800 
Soft Bite guards£1003
Sports mouth guards / Gum shields£110-£120 
Emergency Consultation£301
Denture Repairsfrom £601 or 2

For more information, advice, and to get an individual estimate, please book a consultation.