Top Tips from the dentist

Here are some tips from our dentists to help avoid having dental problems:

Two most important top tips

  1. Brush twice daily
    • For no less than 2 minutes 
    • Use an adult strength fluoride toothpaste (1450ppm sodium fluoride) for the whole family – kids too!
    • Use a thorough but gentle brushing technique – spending 30 seconds in each corner of your mouth being careful to brush the outside, inside, and biting surfaces of your teeth, and angling your toothbrush to brush and massage your gums as well as your teeth
  2. Avoid having too many sugary snacks or drinks between mealtimes

Bonus tips

  1. Invest in an electric toothbrush
    • Find one with a round head, a pressure sensor and that be recharged
    • Don’t spend too much – good brushes usually start at £30-£40 but are often on offer
  2. Replace your toothbrush (or electric toothbrush head) regularly
    • When the bristles start to splay or every 3 months at the longest
  3. Use floss and/or interdental brushes daily
    • Clean the surfaces between your teeth where your toothbrush does not reach
    • You only have to clean between the teeth you want to keep
  4. Use a fluoride mouthwash
    • At two separate times to brushing – perhaps after meals
  5. Clean your tongue
    • Use your toothbrush or a tongue scraper
  6. Eat at least 5 portions of different fruit and vegetables daily
  7. Avoid having too many sessions of drinking and eating acidic drinks and snacks
    • This includes fruit, fruit juices, squash drinks, fizzy pop, beer and wine
    • It’s better to have them at mealtimes
  8. Avoid eating or drinking just before you brush your teeth
    • Brush before you have breakfast or wait 45 minutes after breakfast
    • Avoid eating or drinking for 45 minutes before you brush at bedtime

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